About Us

Hi and welcome to Pet Legacy, Australia's number one pet funeral supplier. When I lost my dog Bailey as a young child, It really struck a blow and showed me just how deep our connections with our pets really are. Due to financial difficulties my family was suffering through at the time, we could only afford to bury our little German Shepherd in our backyard. 

That's why when I grew up, I took a look into the pet funerary industry and saw that it was something I could provide a positive influence to. I wanted to create a store that offered a wide array of options for every pet an Aussie could own, and I wanted it to be at an affordable price so that no one would have to go through what my family and I had to.

With affordability and a wide range being the core part of Pet Legacy's values, we are determined to giving you peace of mind in this difficult part of your life. Discover our range and no matter what pet you have, you are sure to find something perfect for them.