Choosing the Perfect Cat Urn: Preserving Your Beloved Pet's Legacy

four different ceramic cat urns in pink, green, white and blackHonouring your cat after they pass is such an important step for any cat owner. They are there for you through thick and thin, and so it's only right to do your best for them after they are gone. What exactly is the best way to preserve their legacy? How do you choose the best cat urn for them? These are the questions this article will answer as well as where you can get your cat the perfect urn.

How To Choose The Perfect Cat Urn

Choosing the perfect cat urn is similar to choosing any other pet urn. There are a couple of different things you want to consider when you’re looking for your perfect cat urn. The first thing and arguably the most important aspect is simply finding a cat urn that speaks to you. Looking through many different cat urns is a great way of finding one that just feels right. The most powerful and healing urn you could possibly get is simply one that you like the most and you'll be happy to look at everyday you come home to. Another good method to keep in mind when choosing your cat urn is to make sure that it's something that personally resembles your cat or the bond you shared. An easy way to achieve this is by personalising your cat urn by engraving their name or even a picture of them onto an urn. At Pet Legacy, we can engrave most of our cat urns with anything you want. Simply find a customisable cat urn that you like and send us a png or jpeg that you would wish for us to laser engrave. Another aspect important in choosing the perfect cat urn is to make sure you select a suitable material and colour. If you still have other cats in the house that are slightly mischievous in nature, then a ceramic cat urn can be a dangerous prospect. In a situation such as that, it might be better and more safe to opt for a metal or wooden cat urn. Picking a colour can be important too as you will want something that is your favourite. Making sure it matches the setting of the room it will reside in can also be worth considering. You wouldn't want to get a cat urn that stands out negatively in the room it resides in. Once all these factors have been considered and you’ve found that perfect urn, you will be set and your feline friend will be properly honoured.

Where can you get your perfect cat urn

Pet Legacy offers a wide range of high quality and beautiful cat urns. These heartwarming urns range from many materials, colours and designs so you're sure to find something perfect for you and your feline friend. Finding your perfect cat urn has never been easier with our extensive cat urn collection. Pet Legacy is a leading pet urns store supplying Australians with high quality cat urns. If you are in need of a cat urn then visit our store to see what we have to offer, you won't be disappointed.