The Healing Power of Custom Dog Urns: Turning Grief into Art

A black and a white dog urnMan's best friend, dogs are such beautiful and majestic pets that are always there for us through thick and thin. Losing your pet dog is such a difficult time of any pet owner's life, and the grieving process can be especially challenging. Honouring your dog’s life through the use of a dog urn can be a touching and greatly healing way to remember them and move through this process. This article will discuss the benefits of using custom dog urns to honour your best friend and how you can do it for you and your canine companion.

Why Custom?

A customised dog urn can have significant benefits over other dog urns. Most pet urns come in standard and beautiful designs but they can lack that personalisation aspect that can make them feel truly special. That's where a truly custom dog urn can be incredibly beneficial. A custom dog urn can include any detail you like, such as the name of your poppy and a special design. You can even get your dog's face etched onto the urn for something truly incredible. A customised dog urn can go a long way in honouring and commemorating your dog's life. Knowing your puppy pal has now crossed the rainbow bridge and is at a better place is a heartwarming reminder that things are better for them. With such a customised urn you can do some truly amazing personalisations. You can turn something already beautiful into a truly special, one of a kind piece of art. Honouring your beloved puppy in the best way possible will help you move through your grief by knowing you were there for them when it counted.

How Can You Get Your Very Own Custom Dog Urn?

At Pet Legacy, we offer many different ways to customise your dog urn. You can request a combination of either their name, a picture or both to include on any dog urn of your choice. Simply make sure you have a pdf or jpeg file ready to send to use of what you want and we can include it onto your dog urn to make it into something truly special and personal. If you want your dog's face to be put onto the urn, send your favourite photos through and we will sort through to make sure the best one can make it on your custom dog urn. We then personally laser engrave your chosen design and send it off to you. Note that due to the engraving process or the design of the dog urn, not every urn can be customised. 

A dog urn can be an incredibly beautiful way to say your final farewells to your beloved puppy dog. Customise your dog urn to ensure it is truly personal to you and your dog and so it can stand as a lasting testament of the bond the two of you shared. Pet Legacy is a leading pet urns store supplying Australians with high quality dog urns. If you are in need of a custom dog urn then visit our store to see what we have to offer, you won't be disappointed.