What is the Difference Between a Human Urn and a Pet Urn?

Gold urn with pawprints on left with red greco style urn on rightLosing someone close to you can be one of the most difficult experiences imaginable. Whether that someone was a person or an animal companion, it makes little difference. The loss of them devastates us and leaves us feeling full of grief. When it comes to what to do after their deaths, some have questioned what are the differences between human urns and pet urns, and if there are any at all? That is what we will be discussing and answering in today's article.

What are the main differences?

There are many similarities between pet urns and human urns. They are both made of the same materials and often come in the same shapes and styles. The function between the two are identical too. The main differences lie in how they are presented. Human urns will be largely focused on being relevant to human personality traits and hobbies. A human urn is likely to be personalised after the deceased hobby, career or otherwise important part of their character. Pet urns are not usually characterised in this way, but are more so personalised by taking the shape of the pet themselves. Some of the most popular cat urns are ceramic sculptures of cats with the inside capable of holding the cat's cremation ashes. Pet urns will also usually have an insert to hold a photo of the pet, whereas human urns will not usually have this feature. Another key difference between human urns and pet urns is the sizes they come in. Humans are generally much larger than most pets so an urn for human cremains will have to be larger as a result. Due to this, human urns are usually also more expensive than pet urns. 

Can I use a human urn as a pet urn, and vice versa?

While there isn't anything stopping you from using them for a different purpose, there are some things you should consider. As mentioned before, the standard size between the two will be vastly different. If you are using a pet urn for human ashes, you may need to scatter the remaining ashes or place them in another receptacle. For pet ashes to be placed in a human urn, you will be most likely paying a premium for this. Sometimes the perfect urn for our loved ones or furry companions won't be found where we look for them. If you knew your loved one adored kittens, it would be hard to find a human urn to put them in. In cases such as these, you should always pick the urn that suits you, your loved one or your pet first and ignore the negatives. It is always more important to pick an urn that is special to you, rather than an urn you wont like or care for. 

Humans and pets can be alike in a lot of ways and it is no different than with their cremation urns. While there are some key differences between the two, it is important to select the urn that is most special for you and your family. Pet Legacy is a leading pet urns store supplying Australians with high quality pet urns. If you are in need of a pet urn then visit our store to see what we have to offer, you won't be disappointed.