Pet Cremation in Canberra

Pets no matter how big or small always have a place in our family. That's why it is especially hard when we lose them. They are there with us through thick and thin, good times and bad and give us such happy memories. That's why at Pet Legacy we have compiled a list of good crematoriums in Canberra that will treat your pet with the respect and honour they deserve. In the meantime, feel free to browse our store for the perfect pet urn for your beloved pet so that you will be ready for them when you collect their ashes.

Canberra Crematoriums

Eden Hills Crematorium

Eden Hills

Pets bring so much joy into our lives, with an unconditional love that makes saying goodbye so hard. As a team of pet lovers, they understand what it’s like to love and lose your pet. Their cremation services are designed to offer you all the comfort and peace of mind you need, while giving your pet the heartfelt farewell they deserve.


Phone: (02) 5134 5970

Address: 2/1 Alumina Street, Beard ACT 2620

Pets at Peace Crematorium

Pets At Peace

Trust Pets At Peace to arrange your pet's cremation. They will treat your dearly departed pet in the caring and respectful manner they deserve. When you make arrangements with them, you can rest assured they will be able to take care of all the details, including collecting your pet from your home or vet and taking them to the Pets At Peace private crematorium. They guarantee your pet will be cremated individually and the ashes will be prepared and returned in one of our handcrafted urns. This gives you the opportunity to keep the ashes at home or scatter them in your pet’s favourite place.


Phone: 0413 316 974 

Address: 43 Merriman Cres, MacArthur ACT 2904 

Paw Bearers Crematorium

Paw Bearers

At Paw Bearers, they understand that losing a pet is like losing a person who is extremely close to you. In fact, for many, losing a pet means losing a life companion. Paw Bearers Pet Cremations is dedicated to providing the highest level of service in caring for the needs of pet owners and their beloved pets. They treat every pet with the respect and care they would want for their own pets. Paw Bearers has provided local service to the ACT and surrounding regions since 2011.


Phone: 0413 130 918

Address: 5 Lesueur Pl, Banks ACT 2906

Email Address:

paws to remember crematorium

Paws to Remember


We are a Canberra based family of true pet lovers and completely understand the very strong bond that we humans create with our pets.  They are part of the family, not just 'a pet'. We currently have three dogs, two are 'rescues' and sadly at the moment no cats. Once upon a time we would bury our pets in the backyard but were then upset when we moved and had to leave our beloved pets behind. We moved on to having our pets cremated so that they could move with us. We love this idea. Then we were introduced to the water cremation system. We found this to be a much gentler process with the added bonus that it is a natural gentle, environmentally friendly process. As we understand the strong bond between you and your pet, we guarantee that your pet will be treated with the utmost care and respect. A friend commented when we were telling her about the process 'it will be done with love'. We offer only private cremation to ensure your pet, and 'only' your pet remains will be returned to you.


Phone: 0414 107 355

With the above crematoriums, your pet will be in safe hands. Pet Legacy is a leading pet urns store supplying Australians with high quality pet urns. If you are in need of a pet urn then visit our store to see what we have to offer, you won't be disappointed.