Pet Cremation in Hobart

Losing a pet is hard and choosing how to handle their end of life care can be hard too. That's why at Pet Legacy we have compiled this list of good quality pet cremation providers in Hobart. That way you will have some knowledge on the places that will provide your pet the best possible care you could want. Pet Legacy is proud to also offer beautiful and high quality pet urns that you can peruse at your leisure so that when you do receive your pets ashes, they will have somewhere worthy to go. 

Hobart pet cremation centres

 Eco Pet Cremations

Ecopet Cremations

At Ecopet Cremations they know the value of your relationship with your vet, and what an important part they play in the peaceful end of life transition for your loved pet. They work directly with them to reduce the hassle of organisational matters at this sad time. They understand your love for your pet and handle them with great respect at all times. Their microchip is not damaged by the gentle process and remains in the ashes where it will still scan. It has always been there to bring your pet home and so it does. Their aquamation process is gentle, clean and environmentally friendly, with a significantly lower carbon footprint than gas or electric powered cremation. It also results in a cleaner and purer ash.


Postal Address: PO Box 202 North Hobart 7000

Phone: 0493 061 390


Pets at Rest Pet Crematorium

Pets at Rest

They are here to offer you comfort, care and choice when it’s time to say goodbye. Located in Bridgewater, Pets At Rest founded Hobart’s first individual pet cremation service in 1998. Their pet crematorium facility is modern and fully-licensed, offering service across Tasmania, including Hobart, Devonport, Burnie and most rural towns around Tasmania. They can help you when the sad time arises.


Address: 71-73 Cove Hill Road, Bridgewater, Tasmania 7030

Phone: 0417 147 331


Cornerstone Pet Crematorium


Many people cannot emotionally handle the thought of leaving their beloved pets at a veterinary clinic, to be disposed of by the city when they have passed away. Cornerstone Pet Crematorium provides a compassionate, dignified alternative for your departed, cherished mate. Cornerstone Pet Crematorium is the most modern, fully licensed, state-of-the-art crematorium in Tasmania. They can help you when the sad time arises. They recognise that pets are often the cornerstone of our families, and deserve the very best at the end of their life. Located between Kingsmeadows and Breadalbane we are Launceston’s first and only pet crematorium and offer a state-wide service.


Address: 880 Hobart Rd, Breadalbane, Tasmania 7258

Phone: 03 6344 1794 


We know that losing your pet is a difficult and emotional experience. We hope that the providers, while not exhaustive for the Hobart area, will give you and your pet some deserved comfort in these trying times. If you are in need of a pet urn then visit our store to see what we have to offer, you won't be disappointed.