Pet Cremation Jewellery Guide: How To Use And Maintain Your Precious Keepsakes

Three pieces of silver pet cremation necklacesLosing your pet is hard and so you've decided to commemorate their memory with a lovely and touching pet cremation jewellery piece. Now that you have it though, how do you use it and how should you care for your piece so that it can remain pristine for a long time? This article will go into detail on exactly how to use your pet cremation jewellery as well as tips on how to maintain your piece.

How To Use Pet Cremation Jewellery

Using pet cremation jewellery is quite simple. Pet cremation jewellery is simply put, jewellery made to hold a small amount of cremated ashes from your pet. You do this so that you can carry your pet and their memories with you wherever you go. To use it effectively, you will want to find and open the compartments that will hold the cremated ashes. Most of these compartments can simply be screwed open with your hand but some may need a small flathead screwdriver to open. At Pet Legacy, our pet cremation jewellery comes with this screwdriver as well as an ash handling kit free of charge so you can open any piece and place your pet's ashes inside with ease from our store. Once you've opened the compartment, you want to carefully scoop some of the ash and begin careful placing the ash inside your piece. It is recommended to use a spoon or another easy to use tool to help you move the ash without spillage. Use the ash handling kit's funnel by placing it into the opening of the compartment. This will help you get all the ash where it is supposed to go. If any ash gets stuck you can use the poker from the handling kit to push it through. Once your pet cremation jewellery piece is full of ash, you can proceed to remove the tools and close up the compartment. Make sure the piece isn't filled too much as it may impede on the closing mechanism of your pet cremation jewellery. Once it is filled, simply tighten the compartment as much as you can and you’re good to go. You can then wear your piece wherever you go knowing your pet is still right alongside you.

How To Care For Your Piece

The best way to care for your pet cremation piece depends on what material it's made from. Stainless steel, silver and gold are common materials that can be used for your piece that require their own methods to effectively clean. Wearing your piece often will protect your jewellery from tarnish and other corrosion as oils from your skin will create a protective barrier for the metal. Making sure your piece of jewellery is cleaned on a regular basis will also ensure to protect it and keep its shiny lustre. You can clean your piece with normal soap water, just ensure it is dried thoroughly after 10 minutes of washing. An important thing to note is cleaning your pet cremation jewellery is best done with the ashes evacuated and stored separately for the duration. This is to ensure maximum safety to make sure that no water enters the chamber and dilutes the ashes. It is also recommended to know the exact metal or other material your piece is made of to ensure you know the best way to care and clean for that specific material. In general, keeping your piece cleaned regularly and worn will be the best way to care for your pet cremation jewellery.

Pet cremation jewellery is a simple concept that provides tremendous value to any pet owner. Knowing how to use and care for your piece is an important step in owning one to ensure your pets memory is honoured forever. Pet Legacy is a leading pet urns store supplying Australians with high quality pet urns and pet cremation jewellery. If you are in need of a piece of pet cremation jewellery then visit our store to see what we have to offer, you won't be disappointed.