What Styles of Pet Cremation Urns are Available in Australia?

Blue rabbit urn on left with pawprint wooden box urn on rightPet loss is a grief all pet owners must face at some point in time. It is an especially difficult time as these animals can be some of our closest friends. Whether they are a dog, cat, rabbit, lizard or bird, all animals help us through our moments of need. When they do pass away, we are left to wonder what we should do now and how we should handle their funeral. Many Australians are choosing cremation and their subsequent urn choices as a way of paying respect to their furry companions. In this article we will discuss what are the different styles of pet cremation urns that we can find here in Australia.

What are the styles

There are many different styles of pet urns you can find. The most popular ones are usually for dogs and cats as they are the most common type of household pet. These two pets will have the most amount of styles available to them as they are so popular. With pet urns, some popular styles include features or symbols that represent the pet themselves. For instance, a ceramic dog urn in the shape of a dog is a truly beautiful homage to your pet. These types of urns can be commonly found for dogs, cats and also birds. For other pets it may be more difficult to find something that truly represents them. Another common style of pet urn is something that is able to be much more personalised. These are wooden pet urns that have an insert for a photo attached to them. This way you can attach your favourite pet photo to the urn itself. These pet urns are also usually much more affordable then the ceramic style urns. Other styles can be more traditional. These can be urns such as what comes to mind when you think of an urn which are usually made of metal. Traditional pet urn styles can be a good choice for someone who appreciates a more refined, simple look. Wooden traditional pet urns can also be a great choice for people like this as they can normally come as just a standard wooden box. These boxed urns are great for pet ashes as they are small and easy to seal while remaining durable. Wooden pet urns have the added benefit of being biodegradable as opposed to other pet urn materials. If you are struggling to find the perfect pet urn for you and your beloved pet, then you can always consider purchasing the shape you want and customising it. Many pet urn suppliers offer laser engraving services which allow you to put any design you want on the urn, as well as your pet's name and other important details. 

While there are many pet urn styles for purchase in Australia, it is important to choose what is right for you. Pet urns are a great way to honour your furry, scaly or feathery companion but it is always a good idea to make their urn fit them as much as possible. Pet Legacy is a leading pet urns store supplying Australians with high quality pet urns. If you are in need of a pet urn then visit our store to see what we have to offer, you won't be disappointed.