Celebrating Your Furry Friends Life With Rabbit Urns

Two silver urns with rabbit engravings on the frontLosing your little bunny pal is such a difficult time in any pet owner's life. These cute little critters hop, play and bring so much joy to your life that it saddens anyone to see them go. Your rabbit friend crossing the rainbow bridge is a sad experience but their life shouldn't just be forgotten. Celebrating their life is such an important step in remembering and cherishing the bond you two shared. Honour their memory properly with a fitting rabbit urn.

What Is A Rabbit Urn?

A rabbit urn is an urn designed to hold the cremation remains of your pet bunny. As opposed to other pet urns, rabbit urns are usually designed to symbolically or artistically represent your rabbit. A rabbit urn might come with a beautiful design to show off your amazing bunnies personality, or something they really loved to do in life. A rabbit urn is usually made to a correct universal size as well so they can hold the full amount of cremation ash left behind after the cremation. A rabbit urn is designed to last you a lifetime with proper care, and can be a highly sentimental and beautiful thing to have for your bunny. Rabbit urns can be made from various different materials, such as aluminium, ceramic or wood. Purchasing a rabbit urn made from the correct material is vital as you will want to keep it around for a long time. A ceramic urn can be extremely beautiful but may not be perfect for houses with a lot of movement as a drop can potentially shatter the material. Any material used for rabbit urns made at Pet Legacy is to our highest of quality standards and are made to last you a lifetime with proper care. For households with a lot of active movement such as with kids or other pets, a sturdy metal rabbit urn will do you well.

Why Should You Get A Rabbit Urn?

A rabbit urn is the perfect way to say your final goodbyes and honour your bunnies memory. You shared a close bond with your rabbit and they brought you so much joy, it's only fair to cherish those memories by getting them a perfect rabbit urn. Rabbit urns help people through the grieving process of losing their beloved pet as they provide solace and a sense of closure. They also help by making sure the owner knows that they did the best they could for them. It's tough to lose a pet and so any help is extremely valuable in such a trying time. A rabbit urn will be there for you as a tangible reminder of your beloved companion.

A rabbit urn is an incredible way to celebrate the life of your beloved bunny. A lovingly crafted rabbit urn can help you move through your grief and will keep the happy memories you shared alive for years to come. Pet Legacy is a leading pet urns store supplying Australians with high quality pet urns. If you are in need of a rabbit urn then visit our store to see what we have to offer, you won't be disappointed.